Habit of Sharing

The habit of sharing is a very good thing if it is in the form of love, care, affection and happiness particularly. It is said that if you want to extend or increase your happiness level then you have to share with others and if you want to reduce some sort of sorrow then again you have to share or discuss it with others and you will realize that it has reduced up to certain extent now.


To pass a smile is good deed in Islam. If every person just think at the start of his day that he has to make happy minimum one or two persons, relatives or friends in a day and then these two happy people try to do the same job for others. It will start a chain and circle of happiness, calm and peace in the society as sharing is caring also.

There are various ways to make others happy. Like you may help someone in picking of his luggage, to present a sharing is peaceglass of water or cup of tea to the guest, share some good joke / humor which is not hurting anybody else, to encourage / appreciate someone who is doing the good deeds, show tenderness for the children, to help some student or friend in his studies, just to remove a single stone placed on the road in your way, to give lift someone waiting for taxi or walking in your way, to help an older one in crossing the road, to pay visit some patient, to offer a chair to your guest or any visitor, leave your seat for some older passenger to sit, and many others ways you may explore to give happiness or relaxation to others.

Remember, if you do something good and others don’t know about it but getting some kind of benefit or relaxation from the job you have done, even then you will find it a very happy mind, mood, relaxation and peaceful thinking for yourself. You have to have good deeds for the sake of Allah Who knows each and everything you do. Ultimate benefits is again for you that by sharing your happiness you are actually increasing your own level of satisfaction and of course will get blessing of Allah Almighty.

Try to become like a cloud that showers rain on each and everything who so ever comes under it. Be like a tree and it will not stop anybody to eat its fruit and sit under it and continues to provide a shadow and shelter even to a woodcutter.

Do you have such generosity?sharing_economy

You can only expect good things and deeds for yourself from others; first you have to do these for others.

Try to follow and then share with us that have you got any benefit?

Don’t be Grieve if …

You don’t need to spend your life grievingly if:

  • You ask Allah for His forgiveness;
  • You turn away from the sins or bad deeds of your past and determine not to do any forbidden act by Allah in future;
  • You are seeking guidance from Allah Almighty and now acting the path practiced by the Beloved Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him)

Then you will find Allah Very Kind, The Most Merciful (Ar-Raheem: The Bestower of Mercy), The Most Compassionate and The Great Forgiver.

You must know it:

Indeed Allah loves those who repent and purify themselves”

So, why you always feel sorry? This may create a state of hopelessness in you and ultimately you will get desperate and will not be able to do any good deeds, routine tasks and job etc. due to loosing heart. In other words, you are again going close to sins.

“Verily, the good deeds remove the evil deeds (i.e. small sins). That is a reminder (an advice) for the mindful (those who accept advice).

Always be happy and hopeful from Allah.


A Man’s Life

Mostly, we are living in past (thinking all the time what good or bad happens with us or remembering various events) or future (which is just based on some assumptions and have no surety) rather than to spend our life in present (today only).

We cannot change our past at any cost but we have today to do something positive and wait for the good result while having believe in Allah. As, only He knows about the time to come. So, just try to make today better.

Always keep your future intention and aim positive and high to have best reward in comming days.

Share What You Think

Hi Everybody

ShareWhatUThink.com provides you a platform to share your own good thoughts of your mind. You can post what you think if it is a positive and good one. This webiste is not like other social media pages and networking websites where people just start sharing own contents as well as of others without thinking that either these are good or not and what kind of negative effects would be on the society.

The main focus of this website would to show the original thinkings of  you people about various aspects of life and world which definately covers everything around us.

Remember, everything cannot be posted & shared with others but many good things!

Newer share the contents which hurt somebody in any situation.